Under-bed Drawers

Want to get more storage under a single bed? Easy, just put a wardrobe under it!

2 large drawers shown under a bed

The drawers are actually made from a cut-down IKEA PAX wardrobe, fitted with 2 full width Komplement drawers. While it seems a little odd and wasteful to use only the bottom 1/4 of a wardrobe, this approach has several advantages.

Surprisingly cost effective
You only need just the frame, no doors
Straightforward modification
A simple straight cut-down and reattach of the top panel. The cuts are mostly out of sight too (though I finished them with white edge tape).
Deep wide drawers
Wardrobe drawers are deeper than normal chest of drawers, so it makes better use of space under the bed. large and deep open drawer shown
Freedom in number of drawers/bed height
2 drawers fit under a "cabin bed" height, though you could have more.
Doesn't have to be drawers
IKEA do a wide range of wardrobe fitments, so you could have shelves, pull-out trays, shoes racks...
Matches other IKEA styling
The styling of the drawers is similar to the IKEA Nordli chests of drawers and wardrobe used in the room.

The bed is also from IKEA. It's their basic low-level pine frame and has been raised up using lengths cut from an IKEA's IVAR racking upright which happens to be the same cross-section. The far side of the bed is fixed to the wall via a deep wall plate to keep the mattress away from the wall.

The taller bed makes it easier to access the remaining space under it. Plastic crates stacked behind the drawers are used to hold rarely accessed stuff. The extra height also allows neighbouring units to be taller, without being out of proportion, giving additional drawers.

The occupant loves it.