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Wrapping Paper Caddy

Wrapping paper is a pain to store.

While you could always throw away any left-overs, that seems unduly wasteful as it's sold in rolls which are a lot bigger than a typical present. It's also handy to keep some around for "emergency" birthdays, or when the new roll turns out not to be quite enough because you've been overly generous.

Here's my solution - a wrapping paper caddy!

overview of wrapping paper caddy

Made from MDF, this caddy holds up to 6 rolls with room for some rolls of sticky tape. It has a handle at each end to make it easier to carry to where you wish to wrap.

wrapping paper caddy with rolls of wrapping paper and cellotape in it
front inside of caddy showing triangular shape rear inside of wrapping paper caddy showing integrated handle

Why the strange shape? Well, it fits in the bottom corner under the stairs - making good use of the inaccessible bottom triangle. Felt pads are used to so it glides nicely along the laminate flooring I've fitted inside.

caddy next to gap under stairs caddy half inserted under stairs caddy front flush with front of stairs