Alton and Chawton, Hampshire
How far I reach depends on what I need to bring however, as I always cycle.
Call-out Charge
£0.00 - if I do nothing, you owe me nothing
£22/hr charged to the next 1/2 hour, minimum charge for one visit 1 hour
What can you do?
Most general handyman services; putting things on the wall, flat-packs, joinery, small scale plumbing, specific gardening, electronics repairs... I thrive on variety so if it's something unusual so much the better.
Do you do small odd jobs?
Absolutely. With a minimum visit of just 1 hour and no call out, I'm cost effective for getting odd jobs sorted. You can also bundle lots of different jobs together to get the most for your money, including optional "if you have time" tasks. For example I've replaced a light fitting and removed sections of a rose bush from a second storey trellis in the same visit. Just let me know in advance so I know what to bring.
Why "on a bike"?
I get asked this one a lot:
  1. I suffer from acute motion sickness; cars make me sick, vans more so. I have never learnt to drive. I was a professional engineer (working remotely from home) until I was made redundant, and have become a handyman to avoid having to commute.
  2. You really don't need a van to do most handyman tasks
  3. It's greener and keeps me fit
  4. My customers don't have to pay for the van and its running costs
Will you be properly equipped?
While arriving on a bike obviously places limits on what I can bring, you can get a surprising amount of tools and gear on a bike + panniers + trailer. I've also worked hard to ensure my tool kits are just as useful as they are portable. See my equipment for details. Bulky stuff can always be ordered for delivery straight to you.
Do you offer an emergency service?
Not as such, as there is only the one of me. However, for early evenings and weekends give me a call and if I can help, I will help.

Hoping to be of serviceGreg